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30 March 2010 @ 12:37 am
Tomorrow will be horrible D:  
Because I'll have to do an infography and  I really don't know how to make it ... I'm such a failure ... D:. At least I have the general Idea but I know this will take me a lot of time to do it and still I want to see the Bayern - Man U match D;. And even when I should be working I do stupid drawings on ps xD
Changing the topic :D today was a REALLY hot day , the subway was horrible like always. In the classroom there is no air, even the teachers find it horrible to work in it xD But well that's how life is anyway :D

Don't know what I was thinking when doing this :)

I have made a lot of these but none it's painted on the computer D:, maybe someday.
That's all for today.