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27 March 2010 @ 06:48 pm
Nothing important here  


I have had this livejournal for almost a year and never really used it  to post anything :D. So now I post something to make it alive (hope it maintains like that xD).

I want to use it for sketches, doodles and wip to see if throgh the year I can improve at least a bit :) (wich I seriously doubt) So here I post some drawings from the last two weeks

I want to colour it D: but don't have time to do that any soon...

I'm having an obsessions at drawing girls. Don't know why to be honest D:

And a drawing for a friend :)

Changing the topic, finally got my hands on pokemon soul silver °U°. I have just arrived to azalea town but I don't want to advance anymore until I finish to breed some pokemon in my diamond version, then I need another ds to pass thm onto ss. This game is just utter cute ;___; love it <3.

That's all see you :D

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